Web Miscellany: Compilation #33

Hello, sweet friends!

How do you feel about self-depreciating humor? I’m all about it, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Occasionally, when I gulp down too much air at once, my body creates this noise that’s ten times bigger than I am. It sounds as if I’m swallowing a baby elephant as it’s forceful kicks jolt my chest and it’s trumpeting ricochets up and out of my tiny mouth. I swear it’s just the hiccups, but no one ever believes me. After three months of carefully concealing my embarrassing secret from coworkers, the open office plan finally gave me away. A few hours later, a heap of chunky bile showed up like unwelcome in-laws and I was so caught off-guard that I instinctively swallowed it back, hoping no one noticed my look of disgust. Guys, is it the weekend yet?

It’s been a rough week health-wise. While my fatigue is at a manageable level, I somehow tore my rotator cuff and am now working to mitigate the pain in my shoulder. And I’ve been vomiting, a lot. I’ve been sticking to the 1.5mg dose of LDN for the last week; though I’m feeling mediocre at best, I’m hopeful. Finally, I received my food allergy and hormone level results back this week; while I’m grateful for the additional data points, it’s all a bit overwhelming and I’m looking forward to meeting with my integrative physical next week to transform the knowledge into a solid plan.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit with my aunt and her honey while they were in town. I so so very grateful to be close with not only my immediate family, but all the amazing relatives I have sprinkled across the country.

Perhaps the highlight of the weekend was seeing The Matrix with my boyfriend at an independent theater to honor the 20th anniversary of the movie’s release. It was fantastic! I have so many thoughts about fate, consciousness, artificial intelligence, and the relationship between man and machine. I’m slowly piecing things together and will probably share my thoughts in some future post.

How did this last week treat you? What interesting plans do you have for the weekend?

Here are some articles that made me think and smile this week. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to add anything fun or thought-provoking you’ve stumbled across in the comments.

  1. Work like you’re driving.
  2. 10 Most Popular Posts in Ten Years of Raptitude. I’ve been enjoy David Cain’s blog for nearly a decade and would highly recommend this post as a launching point.
  3. From Seth Godin: “When we care, it’s amazing how much we can get done. One way to choose to care is to be clear about your priorities, which means being clear in your language.”
  4. Bringing Maslow’s motivational framework into the 21st century. Take the Characteristics of Self-Actualization Scale here.
  5. 23 Smart Ways To Increase Your Confidence, Productivity, and Income.
  6. When products are often designed in ways that make us act impulsively and against our better judgment, to what extent are we in control of our own actions?
  7. I’m fascinated by this proposed FDA Tiered Approval, which strives to increase evidence (via multi-pronged assessment and health monitoring wearable) while bringing drugs to market more quickly.
  8. Beautiful Hand-Colored Photographs of Flowers from 19th-Century Japan.
  9. “Our future is a race between the growing power of our technology and the wisdom with which we use it. Let’s make sure wisdom wins.” — Stephen Hawking, 2018
  10. Scientists believe consciousness first evolved when organisms began moving more quickly to consume food, followed by animals being able to remember where they hid food, and then reading the minds of competitors and allies.


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