Web Miscellany: Compilation #27

Hello beautiful friends!

What’s new in your world? What fun plans do you have on the agenda? I hope it’s a good one!

Here’s a fun fact: I’ve been registered on WordPress for over eight years. It’s incredible to look back on how much I’ve grown since my fledgling self decided to start a blog, though I feel embarrassed even thinking about reading those early posts.

The new year has been off to a rougher start than I had anticipated, but here I am. We all have our own unique journeys and we each have particular lessons we’re meant to learn, so I’m paying attention.

I have another full-body PET scan next week, which will reveal if and where we need to biopsy. The following week, I’ll be meeting with my Integrative Physician to review my microbiome and micronutrient tests, as well as the concerning endocrine labs. I am hopefully that we’ll discover the missing puzzle piece at that appointment, so I can begin offering my body the unique tools it needs to recover.

I recently wrote about Homework for Life, where you consider: What makes today different from all the other days? Over the last few days, I’ve encountered two things that stood out: 1) a car accident in which a single car had somehow backed onto the sidewalk, perfectly perpendicular to the busy street, and 2) a bag of frozen strawberries that had thawed and leaked “strawberry juice” into the product drawer–the scrambled eggs and sweet potato hash tasted sweeter than usual.

Here are some fun things I’ve found while poking around on the interwebs. Feel free to share anything fun you’re discovered in the comments!

  1. A poignant twist on the idea of “pay yourself first.” The $37,000 latte.
  2. How to reduce the odds of long term success, and guaranteed prescriptions for living a life of misery.
  3. Khemjira Klongsanun ran 19 miles of a marathon carrying a lost puppy she saw on the road, finishing the race with the pup in her arms. My heart is melting.
  4. Also, this dog sitting at a bar made me laugh.
  5. Some great suggestions: 50 Ways To Live On Your Own Terms.
  6. Goodbye Big Five”: one by one, a reporter tries to cut out the biggest digital companies in the world from her life (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft). Over the last few years, I’ve abandoned Apple, Facebook and Microsoft in favor of Copperhead OS, face-to-face, and Linux; we’re slowly phasing out Amazon by buying everything locally and Google by use of Startpage search engine and Protonmail for email.
  7. The latest update from Simone Giertz made me so sad: Brian the brain tumor is back.
  8. Quote I’m thinking about: “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” – Goethe
  9. What I’m listening to: Breathe in Air by Phaeleh

4 thoughts on “Web Miscellany: Compilation #27

  1. Hi friend! Wishing all the best for the PET scan. Two things that are sustaining me right now: Beautiful Chorus – a lovely all-Women chorus from Florida that sing angelic mantras and sweet meditative songs. And my Calm app that offers a 21-day meditation session to deepen my mindfulness practice. It’s amazing how many thoughts pop in and out of our coconuts, and how you have to mindfully let them go. It’s hard and I’m only on Day 4! Lol. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!


    1. Ooh, I am definitely going to check our Beautiful Chorus and the Calm app…thanks for the recommendations! And OMG your use of the word “coconuts” for heads made me laugh out loud. I’m going to use that and bring it to mind anytime I need a good laugh. ❤

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