I’ve Been Framed

I feel completely shell-shocked right now.

Yesterday, I learned that a coworker stole confidential information from my employer, sold it to a competitor, and then pegged the misdeed on me via either forged records or hacking into my computer. The president of the company has been angry and short with my for the last month because he thought that I–an employee he considered family–had betrayed him, while his slimy right-hand man of ten years had supposedly caught me in the act.

The president’s wife stood up for me when he intended to fire me on the spot after hearing the news. Then, a one-month-new HR employee dug into the reporting employee’s background, which revealed a long history of embezzlement, forced entry, tax fraud, and more. The HR girl went on to ask the president whether I’d ever been disloyal in the four years prior. No, I’d been one of the best employees he had ever hired. He didn’t believe I would hurt him like that. And besides, he knew I wasn’t dumb enough to sell out the company on a monitored work computer and phone line.

I now realize that the man with four luxury vehicles, the newest tech gadgets, and a $150,000 salary is deeply in debt, struggling to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and regularly attaining money via illegal means.

He used to run the HR department, that is until he was caught funneling money out of employee 401K accounts into his own pocket. Apparently, the slap on the wrist he received wasn’t enough. He once had access to my name, address, social security number, and more. I’m worried that he may retaliate against me, even though I haven’t done anything to him.

I have lunch scheduled with the president and my HR savior on Monday to clear the air. I don’t think I’m the only one experiencing a wide array of strange emotions–relief, anger, anxiety, clarity, happiness, overwhelm, and more. I’m hoping that things will get better going forward.

Currently, I’m trying to discern which actions I need to take to protect myself. My credit is already frozen and I plan to request new credit card numbers today. A family friend works as a human resources attorney, so I’m hoping to talk to him about what needs to be done to make things right and protect myself.

I am still excited about my other job opportunity, but it’s reassuring to know that when the times comes for me to leave my current job, it will be on good terms.

I’m still trying to process everything, so may elaborate on this story later. For now, all I can say is, “Wow”…

11 thoughts on “I’ve Been Framed

    1. Yep, it’s already underway. I have family friends who are legal experts and they are blown away by the details, so very happy to help however they can. I know that the owner has paid people to keep quiet over sexual harassment charges, but I feel that falsely accusing someone of a felony against the government is on an entirely different level….

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      1. Oh HELL YES!! Your character and credibility have been besmirched. If he thought it was you who knew who he told? You need – amongst other things – a public apology and acknowledgement that you’ve been falsely accused because this kind of stuff never dies. It can come back to haunt you years from now so nothing but a total public retraction is good enough.


    1. I’m in the midst of collecting legal counsel, so I’m going to make my next moves based on their advice. I’ve frozen my credit and changed all account numbers, so hopefully that is an okay start.

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  1. “He used to run the HR department, that is until he was caught funneling money out of employee 401K accounts into his own pocket. Apparently, the slap on the wrist he received wasn’t enough.”

    I … see. And he is/was the president’s “right-hand man of ten years”, you say? How should one then define the president’s way of taking responsibility for this employee’s conduct since at that first time a crime was committed and until now? Gross negligence, willful ignorance or something worse?

    I think you should get out of there yesterday. But you probably thought so yourself … way before yesterday.


    1. Yep… I was somehow blissfully unaware of all of this prior to a few days ago, but more and more information is coming to light, and a meeting yesterday revealed that his plan is to put this behind us and move on. That is not good enough for me. I’m consulting legal advice currently and will make my next move (quit, legal action, etc.) based upon their advice. Leaving is definitely part of the plan, though.

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