No News Is Good News, Maybe…

I have been radio silent lately. There has been a lot going on around my heath, career, and everything in between.

  1. I have not been laid off from my current job and, in fact, a new member was brought on to my team. I’m doing the work of a 15-person team, so I’m hoping the new hire lessens my workload and stress. The work environment is somehow becoming even more toxic and I’m getting antsy for the opportunity to leave.
  2. I was feeling somewhat better for about two weeks after discontinuing my anti-fungal medication, but I’ve been just awful the last two. While I know that stress is a contributor, there are lots of symptoms that stress can’t explain. For example, my cardiologist said that my consistently low diastolic and high systolic blood pressure, paired with a high and irregular resting pulse rate suggest cardiac dysfunction. When I told my cardiologist my readings, he said that my body has been been going into shock frequently–either cardiac, kidney, or liver shock, based on the >10 PP. Yikes.
  3. The job I interviewed for went well, but executive management decided they wanted someone more experienced for the position. However, since all seven people who individually interviewed me were impressed, they are working to create a position for me within the company. I had a sixth interview last week, so now we’re all waiting on VP approval. Crossing my fingers tight on this one.
  4. I’ve had two additional phone interviews. I could tell that both were soul-suckers over the phone. Hard pass.
  5. I just hired a new assistant at work and was assigned a massive project on a very tight deadline. The plan is for the project end date to be my last day at my current job.
  6. I went out of town with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary. We were both sick most of the weekend, so we stayed in the cabin reading and puzzling.
  7. I took my car to the mechanics to investigate a wonky smell. As it turns out, there was a dead critter lodged inside my wheel well. The mechanics laughed because they’d never seen anything like it before and the guts had to be power washed off. I feel sad and guilty that I may have killed a living creature.
  8. Despite providing doctor’s notes and making up the hours, my boss has sternly forbidden me from missing any more work this year. Despite my looking like death, he doesn’t believe me–he thinks I’m interviewing for other jobs. It may be soon be time to jump over the cliff without a parachute.
  9. I feel very scared about the state of my health. There’s really not any more I can say.
  10. I began physical therapy for a winging scapula that has been progressively worsening over the years. The winging is supposedly caused by weak muscles, so I’m working on some very targeted resistant band exercises, and enjoying my bi-weekly massages.
  11. I’ve been sleeping 12 hours per day, going right to bed when I get home from work. This has been my normal for the last eleven months, but my lack of recovery is getting painfully annoying.
  12. Strangers keep asking whether I have cancer, and I’m deeply perplexed as to why. Is it the thinning hair, slightly jaundiced complexion, or my constant yawning? Would it be rude for me to ask, rather than just shaking my head?
  13. My former boss, who I previously respected, has an extensive criminal background and has found himself caught in a huge web of lies. Trying to wrap my head around that one.
  14. My boyfriend gave me a Happy Boss’ Day card for our 5-year anniversary. I am so grateful every day to be with someone who shares my sense of humor and always make me smile.

6 thoughts on “No News Is Good News, Maybe…

  1. Speaking from experience, you likely didn’t kill the critter that unfortunately made its way into your car. It was likely looking for somewhere to shield itself from the elements and found your vehicle. It’s not your fault, even though it is unfortunate. So…take some solace in that, potentially?


    1. That’s just what the mechanics said, and it makes sense as the weather starts to cool down. Thanks for throwing that out there–it does make me feel a bit better. 🙂

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  2. The most important thing to do is focus on your health and the things that make you happy. I’m so glad that your partner is right there putting a smile on your face. Good luck for the new job!


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