The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Hello all! Apologies for my absence–it has been an emotional whirlwind of a week.

The Good

Yesterday, I went in for a meet-the-team interview and was all but offered the job. I met individually with five different employees who introduced me to the company, its missions, and its culture. It’s a decade-old startup that is hitting a growth spurt, so there will be lots of opportunity for learning, advancement, and interdepartmental collaboration within a field that I am very excited about.

Everyone seemed to absolutely love me, especially the woman I would be reporting to. She, perhaps subconsciously, used phases like “when you join the team” and “we will collaborate on that” while gesturing towards me. The recruiter who saw me out said, I should be receiving my offer letter early next week. Yay!!

More money, closer to home, better people, and more challenging projects. I think this is an all-around win.

The Bad

Back at the ol’ current toxic workplace, the CEO called my former boss to brag about how he fired me and left me sobbing in my office. Problem is, that didn’t actually happen. It took me a while to figure out why my previous boss called to ask if I was okay. Sigh.

I went to work the next day because no one officially told me I had been laid off. The HR representative came into my office on the verge of tears because the CEO told her that they needed to have a talk with me. Apparently, he plans to let me go because I’m too indoctrinated into the “old way” of doing things. In other words, I’m doing things in compliance with federal regulations, rather than his (mis)interpretation of these regulations. Ha.

The Ugly

Monday will be a big day for me. There is a near-100% chance that I’ll be sent an offer letter. There is also a big possibility that I will be laid off. And there is a huge chance that if I receive my offer and put in my two weeks, I’ll be forbidden from taking Friday off for my anniversary (which I requested off a full year ago), in which case–per the suggestion of several HR professionals–I’ll simply walk out.

As I begin to distance myself, I’m realizing just how toxic my current work environment is and how terrible management has been to me. I’m also beginning to see how powerless I felt, and thus perceived myself to be. Yikes! It’s definitely time to get out, one way or the other.

I will likely remain somewhat absent as things continue to unfold. Between my health and the exhausting career craziness, I have zero extra energy for writing. However, once the dust settles, I’ll be sure to shoot out an update. Wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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  1. That sounds like a hell of a week, not to mention a hell of a Monday on the way. Take a rest and have some ice cream (or a dessert of your choosing) over the weekend to relax.


    1. Yes, it has really been something. To be perfectly honest, I’ve not been sleeping well because I’m so on edge. I think you’re right… ice cream and rest are just what I need haha. I’m hoping things tie themselves up tomorrow, one way or the other.

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      1. I’m honestly right there with you on some of this, albeit on a bit longer of a timeline than just Monday. I’ll be sure to let you know more on that as things (hopefully) develop.


      2. Yes, you’ll have to let me know. Hopefully there are better things on the horizon for you. Take care of yourself and try to stay positive through the chaos and stress.


  2. Boy, i thought I had it bad! This CEO sounds like a jerk!! And to call your former manager and say this stuff? How did you find out? Maybe you will be let go and be offered this job and won’t have to do anything for two weeks which would be lovely. You are due for a change for the better and it’s nice to feel appreciated again. You deserve it. I hope everything works out. Even if you give your two weeks notice you still took Friday off. You are still entitled to that day.


    1. It’s certainly gotten much worse recently, to and almost ridiculous level. My former manager called to see if I was okay because he was under the impression I’d been let go and was having a meltdown. I’m hoping I get the offer today and/or the boot (haha!), but regardless–you’re right–I’m still entitled to the time I need off. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! ❤


    1. Things are going okay for me. It has been an extremely interesting few weeks, and I just learned yesterday that work has been more tense because an employee committed a felony and then pointed the finger at me… the executive team has been on edge as they examine the evidence and discern what actually happened. It has been rough, but I’m hoping things will get a little better because those making the decision know I would never do the things I’m being accused of. Pretty crazy!

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