Two Synchronicities

Awhile ago, I wrote about synchronicity and today, I’m presenting two more wildly, wonderful synchronicities.

But, We Don’t Need Anything From Costco!

Several weeks ago, my boyfriend and started up a conversation with a middle-aged man at a small cafe. Let’s call him Bob. I sat back and listened as the two engaged in a lengthy discussion about news, politics, conspiracy theories, and art. By the end of the conversation, they decided that they wanted to start a discussion meetup group. Numbers were lost and the ball was dropped.

Then yesterday, the boyfriend proposes we go to Costco. We didn’t need 15 avocados, 25 rolls of toilet paper, or a new television, but I reluctantly agreed. As soon as we walked into the entrance, there was Bob! My boyfriend went and said hello, and as Bob introduced us, his wife quickly responded, “oh, I know who he is!” Apparently Bob had been speaking highly of us on a daily basis. Once more, they exchanged numbers, and are meeting up today to discuss setting up their intellectual discussions meetup group.

As my boyfriend exited Costco empty-handed and with a sly grin on his face, he turned to my as said, “the next time you say that we don’t need anything from Costco, I’m just going to tell you I have a hunch…”

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

Yesterday, a little birdie told me that I may be part of a layoff when I return from the three-day weekend. I spent all day in frenzied panic. Isn’t it funny how scary the prospective of something familiar ending is, even it it’s something that makes us unhappy? I silently pouted as my boyfriend tried to cheer me up. I spent a good part of a 90-minute yin yoga class worried about work. I woke up repeatedly overnight wondering what I’d done wrong and whether the rumor was even true.

I couldn’t sleep, so I drove to the office at 6am on my day off to collect my things…just in case. While packing up my snack stash, I received a call from a recruiter. The discussion went well and he asked when I would be free to talk to manager I would be reporting to. Fifteen minutes later, I was talking to the senior manager. Then, thirty minutes later, I was invited to go in for an in-person, all-day interview with the entire management team. I think that sounds promising, don’t you?

The company has an incredible culture, room for advancement, and flexibility, all of which my current employer lack. With the flip of a switch, I went from stressed, overwhelmed, and upset to the most excited I’ve been in ages. It really served as a reminded to chill out because thing with (eventually) work out. As the old adage goes, when one door closes, another one opens. I can’t wait to see what’s behind door number two…

Keep me in your thoughts, say a prayer, and send good vibes my way on Friday!

11 thoughts on “Two Synchronicities

    1. No, I still have my job… for now, at least. It’s absolutely time for a change, and I’m pretty confident that is exactly what my life is telling me. Thanks for your well-wishes!

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  1. โ€œWhen one door closed, another opens.โ€
    I am definitely a believer of that!
    Your experiences definitely show that.
    Hope it works out for both you and boyfriend!


    1. Yes, I’ve always believed it, but am amazed at how the *perfect* job came through just as my current job became more unstable (and hostile). ๐Ÿ™‚ As for my boyfriend, he met up with the guy… it was mostly good, but the guy apparently likes talking about himself and his successes a lot, which was a bit off-putting. So, well see how that plays out for them haha.


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