Six Month Blogiversary

Where does the time go? I can’t believe I’ve been blogging here at Existential Ergonomics for half of a year–a full six months. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey!

Believe it or not, this blog went in an entirely different direction than I had originally anticipated. Originally designed as a portfolio for my hopeful application to a Human-Centered Design & Engineering graduate program this fall, the blog quickly evolved into space in which to explore thoughts and feeling around my rapidly-declining health.

And yet, I feel that my written explorations still holds true to my essential question, perhaps just on a broader scale than I had originally anticipated:

What if we, as humans being, could study and design “right-fit” processes to optimize well-being and performance?

Without further ado, here’s a breakdown and overview of the last six months, from April 1st through September 30th of 2018.

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An Open Invitation For Honest Feedback

Are you sick of me talking about being sick? Are you itching for more poetry, life advice, or humorous anecdotes? Do you prefer articles about approaching self-improvement in a systematic way? Is there a topic that I’ve yet to address and you’d love a new perspective on? If so, today is your lucky day! Share any thoughts you have in the comments below!

A Sincere Thank You!

I love writing, so I’m certain I would continue showing up with or without readers. But I must admit that the little community I’ve found here in the Blogosphere has added perspective, support, and small blips of daily joy that I’m not sure I could have found anywhere else.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!

14 thoughts on “Six Month Blogiversary

    1. You’ve got it–I’ll work on some more poetry over the coming months. 🙂 And I’ll certainly keep writing about my experiences and reflections. Thanks for your input and suggestions!

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  1. You’ve done quite well for yourself in six months. Not that I’m surprised. You’ve always had a knack for connecting with your readers that I never quite had. I’m just secretly hoping some of that some day rubs off on me. 😉


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    1. Thanks! 😁 It’s interesting–I think we all have our own unique strengths. You are a master storyteller and have a level of persistence I’ve yet to achieve. On the other hand, I tend to write in a way that resonates with people. Neither is necessarily better than the other, but I think we all can lean from one another. The great thing about blogging is being surround by people we can learn from. Cheers!!

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  2. I am not good at relating personal opinions, simply because of the practice of eradicating the habit.
    However, I do agree with what Christopher said on the matter.
    By the way, congrats on the 6 months, WOW! you’re doing great!!

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    1. Ending the habit of relating personal options is quite admirable, and I’m sure allows you to walk through life with a calm mind and peaceful heart. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, Eddie! 💖

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  3. Happy half-year anni! Absolutely love your writing and I’ve enjoyed connecting over so many similarities. I gotta dig into more of your posts, and you deserve a treat or two — this is quite a milestone and accomplishment! 💐

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  4. Congratulations on 6 months which I guess is almost 2 years by now. Also wow…”Blogiversarey,” is a term that I can’t believe I’ve never heard after all this time. But I’m certainly glad you introduced me to it because now I can use it later this month on my official blog anniversary.

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