I’ve Been Framed

I feel completely shell-shocked right now. Yesterday, I learned that a coworker stole confidential information from my employer, sold it to a competitor, and then pegged the misdeed on me via either forged records or hacking into my computer. The president of the company has been angry and short with my for the last month... Continue Reading →

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Hello all! Apologies for my absence--it has been an emotional whirlwind of a week. The Good Yesterday, I went in for a meet-the-team interview and was all but offered the job. I met individually with five different employees who introduced me to the company, its missions, and its culture. It's a decade-old startup that is... Continue Reading →

Terrible & Ecstatic Limbo

So, I haven't quit my job...yet. And, I haven't been let go...yet. But, I suspect one of those two scenarios will play out within the next week, so stay tuned! I likely won't be hanging around here much, as I'm preparing for a "meet the team" final interview on Friday. It's an amazing company that... Continue Reading →

Two Synchronicities

Awhile ago, I wrote about synchronicity and today, I'm presenting two more wildly, wonderful synchronicities. But, We Don't Need Anything From Costco! Several weeks ago, my boyfriend and started up a conversation with a middle-aged man at a small cafe. Let's call him Bob. I sat back and listened as the two engaged in a... Continue Reading →

A Sock, A Tourniquet

I awoke to a twisted ankle minus the explanatory sprain an invisible rubber band still grasping the purple flesh three-quarters of an inch above my ankle "don't wear socks to bed" the doctor had advised but the words fell on deaf ears and chilly toes now resembling those of a blood-drained corpse

Web Miscellany: Compilation #23

Hello my sweet friend, I hope this finds you well, and that your October is off to a great start. This week I celebrated my fourth anniversary with my company, happily received the call to discontinue my anti-fungal meds, and enjoyed the rainy remnants of Hurricane Rosa. My doctors have officially ruled out disseminated valley... Continue Reading →

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