Web Miscellany: Compilation #22

Hello there lovely people!

Is it really the end of September already? It feels like this entire year has just flown by in the blink of an eye.

The last week has felt like a bit of an upheaval. My mom was rushed to the hospital and had her appendix removed yesterday, so I’m worried about her. After the termination of half the administrative staff, I’m questioning my own job security. My current triad of tentative diagnoses all suggests that my body is not taking in enough oxygen, not properly converting said oxygen into energy, or a combination of the two.

Though it’s been a stressful month overall, it’s been filled with constant reminders to be grateful for the blessings in my life.

Now it’s your turn, what was your favorite part of September? What exciting plans do you have planned for the coming months? Discover anything fun on the inter-webs this week? Here are some gems that I stumbled across.

  1. The 2018 Fall Foliage Prediction Map is the ultimate visual planning guide to the annual progressive changing of the leaves. While no tool can be 100% accurate, this tool is meant to help travelers better time their trips to have the best opportunity of catching peak color each year.
  2. Quote I’m pondering: “Either we all live in a decent world, or nobody does.”
    ― George Orwell
  3. Love this instance of user-centered design: two sisters team up to empower wheelchair uses through vibrant and colorful wheel covers.
  4. Anti-Aging pioneer Aubrey de Grey says that people in middle age now have a fair chance of extending their life expectancy.
  5. The anxiety economy. A rather disturbing piece from Vox about people making bank off your worries.
  6. “Your work can struggle to fit in. Or you can do the hard work of having it stand out.” From Seth Godin.
  7. What I’m listening to: San Solomon by Balmorhea

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