30 Things That Make Me Smile

Having developed a feverish cold this weekend, my limited mental and physical energy have been even further compromised. So, instead of analyzing and synthesizing ideas, I’ve been contemplating the small things in life that I’m grateful for.

I’m including a list of things that make me smile, but it’s also an invitation for you to contemplate, sincerely, those things that make you smile. Focus on these small gifts are reminders that I’m on the right path. Feeling good is a sign that we’re doing something right, working towards closer aligning with who we truly are.

Think about whatever it is that make you smile right now–it might be a family member, a meaningful project, a beautiful flower, or anything else. Fixate intently on anything that speaks to you. The world is filled with distractions that pull us away from the truth–our personal truth–and it’s our duty to celebrate the good things, and invite more joy into our lives.

Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, ‘More of this please. More of this, please. – Abraham Hicks

I hope my list of the things that make me smile inspires you to look for things to appreciate in your own life.

30 Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Dogs that are so excited to see me that their entire body wags
  2. Sunsets reflected on the lake
  3. The sense of accomplishment that comes after achieving something I did not think I was capable of
  4. Completing a full set of reps at a higher weight, and the subsequent high-five from my trainer
  5. Freshly-plucked wild blackberries
  6. Ascending a mountain and looking down in awe of the tiny, distant milestones passed on the way up
  7. The poetic language of Roberto Bolaño in his novel 2666
  8. Watching cute puppy gifs and videos (feel free to share your favorites!)
  9. New stationary, especially Rifle Paper Co.
  10. Catching up with my mom on the phone
  11. When my sister (seven years my junior) uses slang I don’t understand, i.e. blessed, lit, bae, woke, fam, etc.
  12. Rainy days with gloomy-looking clouds and distant lightning storms
  13. Evening walks with my honey, as we talk about our day
  14. A hot chocolate-spice chai latte, made just right
  15. The “I love you” sticky notes my boyfriend hides around the house
  16. The wordless bliss upon exiting a yoga class
  17. The smell (and melt-in-your-mouth taste) of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies
  18. When someone follows through on my suggestion or advice, and later thanks me
  19. Fresh produce from the farmer’s market
  20. Opening up my CSA box of mystery produce and trying new recipes using the ingredients
  21. Seeing my grandparents still flirting playfully into their late 80s
  22. A look of a clean and uncluttered house
  23. The smell of Chanel No. 5, which reminds me of my late grandmother
  24. My carefully curated bookshelf
  25. Seeing imaginative children who prefer exploring the outdoors over an iPad, which give me hope for the future
  26. Reading something that deeply resonates with me, and carrying that frequency with my all day
  27. Thinking back to the first date with my boyfriend–so sweet, awkward, and perfect
  28. Achieving a state of flow in any project and then looked at the final product with awe
  29. Wearing an outfit that makes me feel confident and put-together
  30. The scent of Voluspa candles, particularly the lightly fruity Goji Tarocco Orange and wintry Branche Vermeil

Your Turn

What are a few of the things that makes you smile? What thoughts, positive practices, and tools keep you smiling and moving forward with ease?


15 thoughts on “30 Things That Make Me Smile

  1. What a great list! And chocolate chip cookies are the best! I don’t usually care for perfumes but Chanel #5 is amazing.
    I like taking photos of the autumn leaves on a brisk day. 🙂


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