Whatever The Time, It Is Always Now

The present moment, if you think about it, is the only time there is. No matter what time it is, it is always now. — Marianne Williamson

I think that a part of us knows that we are just a doctor’s visit or a phone call away from being starkly reminded of our own mortality. When the time comes, most people quickly realize that they have wasted a lot of time. The cared about the wrong things when life was normal–when everything was okay.

We sometimes forget the fleeting nature of time and the preciousness of the present moment. Deep down, we all know the grand epiphany is coming, but we choose to push it from our mind. Let’s face it, death is not an easy or comfortable topics.

It is often only when we find ourselves vulnerable that we reflect back on how we spent our time and laid out out priorities. Stripped naked, with the threat of their own mortality looming large, surely very few wish they had spent more time at the office and less time with their loved ones.

I wish I had treated my time more carefully when life was “normal,” realizing that my time here is not infinite and that petty concerns are not worth my energy. In retrospect, I have often been too caught up worry about the wrong things–the perfect outfit, the opinion of others, or how to ask for a raise.

None of these things truly matters to me. Rather, my highest priorities are to be true to myself and to treat others with kindness. That’s it.

Most of us are guilty of acting as though we have an infinite number of days in this life, at least some of the time. Though we are simultaneously aware that our time is limited, we often choose to spend the present moment in ways that we know we may later regret.

Today, try to be conscious of how you spend your time. Aim to gain the most of life, allowing yourself to be fully enveloped in the present moment. Cherish life’s small gifts and simple pleasures, making decisions in alignment with your values and your priorities.

Allow the present moment to engulf you in flames, searing you to the core–a reminder that this moment is all you really have.

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