The Dance Of Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of the year, hand-down. Living in the desert, the morning chill is always a welcomed visitor. The season of falling leaves and warm lattes is also one of celebrating love, family, and life. Each year, I excitedly await the day where I can break out my chunky sweaters, leggings, and favorite booties. I look forward to evening walks and day-trips to see the snow. It is the time of year when I feel the happiest and most alive.

My boyfriend is well aware of my passion for all things relating to autumn, so was excited when he found a fall-themed print by an artist he has been following for many years. I initially looked at the work, Artumnal by Andriod Jones, and shrugged. It’s pretty cool, but it looks like he just combined different elements in Photoshop. Which is exactly, you guessed it, what he does.

After a week of thinking about it, I slowly fell in love with the seasonal muse. The muscle tone signifies strength, while the graceful curvature of her body symbolizes forward momentum. The vibrancy of color paired with outstretched arms imply the embracing of what is, and what it yet to come. The various elements representative of the traits and experiences that define her uniqueness. The butterfly atop her head, the mark of one who has been transformed.

My autumn muse was delivered last weekend, proudly dancing within the confines of her six-foot-tall black and gold frame. And I cannot stop looking at her.

I realized that she is me.

This lovely dancing muse who passionately embraces the present season while graciously welcoming the next is who I strive to become.

Artumnal by Andriod Jones

Though she is currently leaning against the wall in the guest bedroom as we make wall space, I’m looking forward to welcoming her as a permanent fixture into our home. A life-sized reminder to practice strength and grace and to continually be looking forward.

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