Words of Encouragement

I have a question for you. What is the one thing you need to hear most? What piece of advice would you go back and tell your younger self? Which adage do you wish you could share with everyone else?

I personally always return to the same sentiment:

It’s okay to feel things deeply, but you mustn’t let the emotions consume you.

No matter how bad the situation nor how overwhelming my emotions, I have always persevered. I have always come out stronger. In doing so, I have developed courage, resilience, and hope.

Even when it’s hard, I know in my heart that everything will be okay. I bring to mind the wisdom of Kahlil Gibran: “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

Feel the emotions, and then let them go. Experience the fear, and then drop it. Allow yourself to be washed over by sadness, and then release it. Become overwhelmed with elation, and then shortly thereafter return to neutral. I keep saying it to myself until I start to believe it.

Your turn.

Do you need a reminder to be kind to yourself? An acknowledgement that you are good enough? That this too shall pass? That everything is going to be okay? Do you need to be told that you’re braver than you realize? That you have the power to change your life? Or that you are here for a reason?

Think about what it is that you most need to hear right now, and then keep saying it to yourself. Keep reminding yourself of your worth and keep self-validating your emotions until the words of encouragement you most need to hear have been etched into your heart, okay?

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