thighs branded by diamonds

torso tilted forward, ever so slightly

chin perched upon chilled palm

engaged in a theatrical viewing

of homo sapien jest and despair

passersby transfixed by

amorous affairs

strategic advances

and endless upward swiping

the realization arises slowly

as the glowing orb ascends

the ass-slapping lovers

bespectacled checkmate men

and teenagers in search of identity

are furiously writing an epic story

that of held hands and snipped heart strings

mountain summits and plummeting anxieties

eight billion novels, each one vivid and complex

connected by warehouses-worth of invisible thread

woven together into the elaborate tapestry of humanity

thousands of lives she never knew existed

illuminate by the slowly encroaching dawn

3 thoughts on “Sonderlust

  1. I really like this poem. I feel like it could be worked into a long form rap (something like what Flobots do) really easily, as odd as that might sound.


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