My Biggest Lesson From 2018, So Far

This year has been tumultuous, filled with disturbing diagnoses, overwhelming emotions, a quickly-depreciating bank account, and an all-around atmosphere of upheaval. I spent a good portion of this year plagued by stinging agitation, blistering anger, and a deep-set grief.

It was as life walked up and slapped me across the face with indignation, saying “So, you have big plan? Sorry, girl, but no you don’t.”

Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.

The most important I’ve learned in 2018 is to notice what is going on, without judgement, and then apply practical solutions. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.

Change is inevitable. In fact, change is the only constant in life. Sometimes the differing variable is as novel as switching out your usual peanut butter sandwich for almond butter. Other times, the change is drastic and completely alters the trajectory of our lives. We must pay attention to the problems, identifying their root causes and impacts, but we mustn’t allow our minds to linger on the problem for too long.

Rather, we must take a look at the suspected root cause and anticipated impacts of the problem, and then devise possible solutions accordingly. When assessing problems, we must be mindful not to point fingers. People make mistakes, even the experts, so forgive and move on. When we direct our power and our energy to finding and implementing solutions, we ensure that–even in the most trying times–we are continually take strides forward. And that’s been my most vital lesson this year: find ways to keep improving and evolving, even if that requires moving at a snail’s pace.

4 thoughts on “My Biggest Lesson From 2018, So Far

  1. Yes life is always changing and I believe that growth not matter at what pace is still an accomplishment. Your post just inspired me to be mindful of problems and how to tread carefully when dealing with them. Thanks so much for sharing!


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