But I Haven’t Proposed Yet!

My boyfriend is a bit of a smartass. Whether pranks (like the April Fool’s Day he convinced his father that Costco was closing and my mother that we were expecting), puns (which his mother refers to as two-thirds of a pun–a “P U”) or miscellaneous silliness (like caressing my hair with a creepy “little hand” finger puppet), I’m pretty sure his mission in life is to make people laugh.

So, when my aunt handed both of us matching shirts for my upcoming family reunion, he smiled mischievously and disappeared. He returned wearing the grey shirt with my paternal grandmother’s maiden name and a cartoonish roadrunner across the front. There, plastered right over his heart, was an index card. In bold, black sharpie, he had written: But I haven’t proposed yet!

Considering that we’ve been together for nearly five years, that most of my family is local and that we see my relatives at least once a month, he is basically already family. Yet, he fully intends to wear that index card to this weekend’s festivities, as he fist bumps my uncles, saying: “Guys, I’m still holding out. I’m still holding out…”

And I will sit back in amusement, rolling my eyes and chuckling to myself. Yep, I have absolutely found myself a keeper.

Do you have an funny guys or gals in your life? If you have any great stories, I’d love to hear them.

7 thoughts on “But I Haven’t Proposed Yet!

  1. My husband of 30yrs was married three times before me. His fault was thinking “quirky” women were just quirky and not potential whack jobs. Looking for the best in others. So, when we finally headed to the Justice of the Peace to ‘do the deed’ at his mother’s special request (our son was almost a year old) we got out and he took my hand, turned toward the buliding amd said, “Do we HAVE tooo..”It is a big joke I tell to everyone. For many years I was number 4. Eventually I became number last. 😊

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    1. Haha this is great!! My grandfather suffers from Alzheimer’s and every time he sees my boyfriend, he says, “Look what you got yourself into!” To which my boyfriend responds, “You should’ve warned me, Ed!” Now, anytime I do anything ridiculous, it’s always followed by, “Look what I got myself into…” Inside jokes are one of the best parts of a relationships–lots of laughter!

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