Web Miscellany: Compilation #9

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week. Any exciting plan for your weekend?

I’m hoping that renovations will be done today and I’ll be able to move back into my house over the weekend. This time, with no flooding or mold. My boyfriend and I figure that we’ve survived on one carload of stuff, so we’re planning to clean house when we return and donate all the extra clothes, books, games and appliances. I’m actually looking forward to downsizing!

Here are some interesting links from around the web this week. Feel free to share anything neat you’ve found in the comments!

  1. Bye, Chrome: Why I’m switching to Firefox and you should too. “If you care about privacy at all, you should ditch the browser that supports a company using data to sell advertisements and enabling other companies to track your online movements for one that does not use your data at all.” I made the switch five years ago and don’t regret it.
  2. Rich Lowry on separating families, a contrarian view with some good points on the broader context. This has been a PR disaster for the US and I’m curious how it’s being reported in the countries of origin. I have deep empathy for the separated families and the treacherous environment from which they come, but I also believe past leniency has turned children into pawns, thus endangering their lives. Immigration reform is necessary, but it must support both lawful entry and keeping family units together to be successful.
  3. Beautiful rainbow long exposure photography made me smile.
  4. This week, I began ozone therapy for coccidioidomycosis. The treatment has been called both a miracle and snake oil, so I’m skeptical but optimistic. The process uses UV light and Ogas to promote the production of antioxidants, increase blood flow, and support efficient oxygen delivery. Ultimately, the interaction destabilizes the integrity of the fungal spore membrane, blocking the enzyme that allows the fungus to make more copies of itself.
  5. Have you ever considered why medical treatment costs so much and why doctor-entrepreneurs don’t try to change that? Socialized health care might be better than our current system, but it isn’t the real answer. A truly free market could find better alternatives.
  6. From Farnam Street Blog: “The easy path means being the same person you were yesterday. It’s easy and comfortable to convince yourself that the world should work differently than it does, that you have nothing to learn from the pain. The harder path is to embrace the pain and ask yourself what you could have done differently or better or what your blind spot was. It’s harder because you stop living in the bubble of your own creation and start living in reality.”
  7. The National Health Service in England is putting pressure on social media companies to find ways to combat what they see as a crisis in children’s mental and physical health.
  8. Added to my to-read list: Re-Engineering Humanity by Brett Frischmann and Evan Selinger.
  9. Not sure if you want kids? Consider these two evaluators: 1) Does what you value makes the payoffs worthwhile? and 2) Are you making a decision from a place of love, not fear?
  10. Great picture of Aldous Huxley and an accompanying quote on Nitch.
  11. How many social activists does it take to change the world?

2 thoughts on “Web Miscellany: Compilation #9

  1. A few nice reads there. There’s some articles that hit close to home for me, along with some that I don’t agree (at all) with the rationale on, but they’re presented in an objective way. Nice mix to read.


    1. I’m glad to hear that. It irks me a bit when people secret agendas or biases, so my aim was to invite critical thinking without defensiveness. There is so much controversy in the world, you far too few open-minded discussions. My perception of the world is limited to my knowledge and experiences, which are infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things. If there’s anything you feel strongly about, whether in agreement or not, feel free to start a discussion here. 🙂


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