Celebrating Small Successes

One of my biggest stumbling blocks is that I tend to set wonderfully lofty goals but fail to acknowledge my accomplishments when I reach those goals. I take for granted the time, effort and energy I’ve invested into arriving just where I am today.

In several recent discussion, I’ve mentioned feeling a bit disappointed. I like to think that I’m kind, intelligent, creative and forward-thinking, yet there is a debilitating uncertainty about what’s next and what I am supposed to be doing. I feel that have so much potential, yet wonder whether I am hindering my own progress.

It takes friends and family to remind me of how far I’ve come and how many dreams have slipped into my life without my realizing it. I have a great job that pays all the bills. I have a strong idea of what I would like to be doing five years from now. I make time to practice creative writing, exercise, garden and learn new things. I have supportive friends, incredible mentors, a loving family and a wonderful boyfriend.

We are all surely familiar with the idea of focusing on our ultimate desired outcome, rather than exactly how we will arrive there, all whilst savoring the individual moments along the way. That’s not easy for me. Yet, when I take the time to appreciate where I am and the steps I’ve taken to arrive here, I can’t help but step back and view myself through eyes of awe and amazement. And that reminds me to dream bigger in the present, revisit my goals often and to celebrate the tiny successes along the way.

All of us are accomplishing far more than we give ourselves credit for. Take a moment today to celebrate you, to acknowledge where you are and how far you’ve come. Talk to an old friend and point out how much they’ve grown since you last saw them. Today, reflect gradual, sustainable progress and give yourself a pat on the back for being an amazing mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, son, teacher, student, friend, lover, employee, employer, artist, engineer, or human being.

Today, acknowledge that you are perfect, worthy and exactly where you are meant to be. You are exactly where you once hoped and dreamed you might be. You, my dear, are doing great!

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