The Meaning of Forever

I met her by chance, yet it seemed an inevitable fate.
That first moment our eyes locked I saw our future together,
And I suddenly understood the meaning of forever.

As I gently took her hands in mine, electricity jolted me back to life.
Her smile revealed her as the woman for whom I have searched.
Wrapping her in my embrace, I knew I could never bear let go.

I have slowly come to know this enigmatic beauty inside and out:
From her impassioned curiosity and expansive capacity to love,
To her sensitive heart and bustling mind, I love her so completely.

I do not desire her because she is perfect, but because she is she.
Offering an intelligence, an intensity and a calming serenity,
She presents me with insights from the edge of consciousness.

Her presence offers renewal. Her face is eternity enough for me.
Waking beside my love, groggily glancing over at her radiant form,
My soul is filled with an exquisite joy.

This, I think to myself, is true love.
A serene bursting of emotion pervades my every breath.
This, I silently muse, is surely the meaning of forever.

3 thoughts on “The Meaning of Forever

  1. You’re a gorgeous writer and have a lovely style 🙂 thanks for posting this for the rest of us to read!

    Really am enjoying clicking around your site. I was pleasantly surprised because we have so many categories in common! (I’m a creative writer, too 😊) Feel free to stop by my site when you have the time:

    Will continue to happily look around yours!


    1. Thank you so, so much for your kind words! 🙂 Yeah, I love encountering new like-minded friends–I’ll be checking out your blog, and particularity the creative writing section.

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