Web Miscellany: Compilation #111

Hello friends, and Happy Memorial Day! To those who served our beautiful country, thank you! For those lucky enjoy to have a long weekend, enjoy! I had the pleasure of visiting friends at the cabin in the woods. In the early 1900s, their home began as a one-room stagecoach stop for miners coming to work... Continue Reading →

The Case Against the Sexual Revolution

As a teen, I came across Sharon Old's poem The Knowing and decided that feeling she describes was my prerequisite for intimacy. Feeling safe in someone’s energy is a different type of intimacy, and something I didn't experience until my current partner. That feeling of peace and protection is definitely underrated. That's what I was... Continue Reading →

The City The Grew Around Me

"When I first moved to Phoenix, my grandma took every opportunity to tell her friends that she was older than the state her grandson now called home." When my chiropractor told me this the other day, I cocked me head to the side to consider the comment. But, indeed, his grandma (born in 1910) was... Continue Reading →

How to Connect With Interesting People

I don't particularly like meeting new people. It's not that I'm antisocial but, rather, I value my energy. Most people aren't worth the energy to meet. They're not interesting people. The gap between interesting people and the least common denominator is vast. That gap is almost always represented by the difference between consumers versus creators,... Continue Reading →

Doing The Hard Work Upfront

“Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Choose your hard.Obesity is hard. Being fit is hard. Choose your hard.Being in debt is hard. Being financially disciplined is hard. Choose your hard.Communication is hard. Not communicating is hard. Choose your hard.Life will never be easy. It will always be hard. But we can choose our hard. Pick... Continue Reading →

Mid-May Update

The weekend is upon us yet again! It feels like this year is just flying by. The days are here and then gone in a flash. It's not just me, right? It's hard to keep track of everything. My last post generated some great discussions. Thanks to everyone who took time to read and comment... Continue Reading →

The Loss of a Best Friend

"You've become a shell of the person you used to be." The words stung as they spilled from my best friend's mouth. They were the last words she ever said to me. The year was 2018 and, in retrospect, the worst year of my illness. I had recently left her bachelorette party around sunset because... Continue Reading →

Write’s Blockade

My brain has been particularly mushy lately. I likened it before to a still pond awaiting a handful of stones, but my mind is now like a barrage of pebbles with no ripples. There are many inputs--blogs, newsletters, fiction, poetry, podcasts, conversations, and more--but no output. I stare at my journal for an hour before... Continue Reading →

Start With The End, Then Build The Plan

When you think about your future, are you focused on the next week, year, or decade? Have you ever considered your 50-year plan? One of the tactics that has helped me remain positive through a lengthy period of chronic illness was focusing on the long-term, the very long-term. I imagined my ideal life at 80-years-old:... Continue Reading →

43 Things I Tried That Didn’t Cure Me

After over eight years of chronic illness, and almost as many trying every remedy under the sun, I suspect that my recovery may be just around the corner. I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I can't help it. I'm feeling giddy with anticipation. After a few dozen phone calls to various pharmacies, I discovered... Continue Reading →

Impaired, But Not Helpless

Ambition is when you expect yourself to close the gap between what you have and what you want. Entitlement in when you expect others to close the gap between what you have and what you want. James Clear It took me about three years of being sick to acknowledge that something was wrong. From that... Continue Reading →

The Turning Point in My Journey

Earlier this week, my boyfriend and I had an appointment with our physician to review our lab results. I mentioned that good things were brewing, and I think the tea is just about steeped. The presence of mycotoxins in our bodies has been confirmed, and our levels match the symptoms of thousands of other patients.... Continue Reading →

Treasures and Atrocities At the Summit

I was Girl Scouts for many years. Along with camping, sewing, summer camps, and cookie sales, my troop did a lot hiking. One of our favorite trails was Squaw Peak. I remember watching Bank One Ballpark, home of the Diamondback's baseball team, being built, circa 1996-1997. I also remember squealing when my friends and I... Continue Reading →

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